What we do

Fostinno™ is the first of its kind, startup pre-incubator program that creates spinoff startups around emerging technologies. One can even join at pre-idea, pre-team stage and evolves to lead a project on way to be become a sustainable business.

The purpose is to bring a positive change. Change that is disruptive and move us towards universal common good. We experiment creating solutions to problems that we and people around us face, with new tools and techniques that have recently been developed.

We look for those who are tinkering to bring those things from future to present.


Applications are accepted round the year from awesome techies, hackers, creators and original thinkers. A very few of them are shortlisted and selected to join Fostinno Research (FR) as ‘Entrepreneur in Residence’ (EIR).

On Joining one explores a the domain of his/her interest, to find, define and finalize a problem, that he/she find worth pursuing and meaningful to solve. They brainstorm with other Fostinno members to zeros-in on a solution best suited, to attack that problem. Once it evolves to a Proof of concept (POC), the project is incubated in Fostinno Venture Labs (FVL) and the EIR starts working full time on it. A minimum viable product (MVP) is created during first 90 days and product market fit is found in next 90 days. On completion of six months program, the project graduates as an independent startup to evolve into a sustainable business/ organization and if required, is pitched to selected investors for funding, to accelerate the growth phase.

The members at Fostinno actively help each other and guide others in domains of their expertise. Fostinno provides access to the right networks, opportunity to meet relevant people, helps in team strategy, product strategy, launch strategy, fund raising strategy etc. The Fostinno alumni network continue to help founders for the life of their startup and beyond. A member(s) is considered as a co-founder in the startup and is paid in major equity.

We look for intelligence, energy and integrity in applicants, as they would be family, not just friends.


Our mission and vision are not just words, we live upto them and they guide us in each of our decisions. They have organically evolved over a lifetime.

Mission: Fostering Innovation for positive change.

Vision: Universal common good.

Fostinno name & logo

Fostinno is a word coined from our purpose ‘Fostering Innovation’. The string in our logo, is in shape of an infinity. It reminds us that infinite value can be created. Things are not zero sum. Someone doesn’t have to loose to make you win. It reminds that we are just starting. There is much more that we don’t know. The path ahead is way more than any of us have covered. It reminds us of the smallest strings of energy we all are build of. That we are not a separate entity, but a part of bigger inclusive oneness. The string reminds us of music that we need to create, not noise and to observe the music we are surrounded with. The infinite symbol when unfolded looks like zero, which reminds us of the nothingness, where everything is build out of nothing. To always remember that at a higher dimension we are nothing. (Link to high resolution logo)


Have identified a problem worth dying for? or would like to find one. Let us know. Apply here.